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GDPR and Cookie Consent are hot topics. Especially, for website owners! The regulations require asking for the users' permission to store cookies, to track their behavior, and analyze their browsing routine. There is only one way to avoid those Cookie Banners and act user friendly:

Cookie Consent Banners are pain in the ass.

Cookie Consent Banner User Interface Sucks 50%.
Cookie Consent Banner User Experience Sucks 75%.
User Interface, Experience, and Privacy Should Matter 100%!

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There are tons of tools to analyze users on websites that rely on cookies. The website owner can see how their users' interacting with their website. Nevertheless, this information also goes to the big corporations that use that data for a profit.Use privacy-friendly analytic tools that do not rely on cookies!

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So-called social sharing buttons track users with the help of cookies. Using social media buttons enables those big corporates to analyze the users surfing behavior. The collected data may lead users' interests that are used for a profit as well.Do not feed those companies with your users' private data!

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Big corporates and advertisement businesses rely on user data to show visitors ads they may feel appealing. Sometimes this is the only way to provide website content for free.If the user is not paying for a product, the user becomes the product!

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In case the website offers payments there might be no cookie consent required. Most payment providers use cookies to verify the payment process and make them essential for both parties.Payment Cookies are considered essential and do not require dedicated consent!


Check out how easy it is:Delete non user privacy-friendly (analytics) tools!

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Since there are only essential cookies left, there is no need for an ugly UI/UX disturbing Cookie Consent Banner anymore! 🎉

Do not charge visitors with their privacy!

In the end, there are only a couple of essential cookies for payment or authentication for the website left, and those cookies do not need cookie consent explicitly in most cases. 😉

Plate with some fresh cookies

Eat those freshly baked cookies instead of putting them on website visitors' devices!

You are in custody to do the first step!

You are not working with cookies at all or only use essential ones?
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Big corporations that take users' privacy really seriously:

- None!

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